Some One I Cant Forget .

I talked to this guy for two hole 2 months on myspace  before going out with him and it just happend that months before i had started talking to him i hade finished a realtionship with a guy who hurt me but this guy who i started talking to after my exx made me feel hopeful that he was verry diffrent i dont know how i started to like him alot we had gone to the same highschool but never had seen each other and well yeah .We decided that we  was gonna be together and hang out well i still remeber the first day 9 9-08  .we hanged out and he was nervous and mee too but we reallyliked how we were and i fell in love with him those feelings i had stil there and somehow when i see him i get soo dumb and lostt like i cant touch something i lovee =/ we stoped talking and especially because he went to a valley school and we didnt have enugh time for each other later on and i always tried talking to him again and starting a conversation but it wasent the same he had told me the most sweetes things that i loved and him beeing him self made me happi and well things happen for a reason but i cant ever stop thinking about him its like if he left me scraed and yes i had tryeed talking to other guys but he always alway hs to pop up in my head even though my friends tell me is his lost because he ddint make an efort to be with me and its true but i cant get over himm i just look at his pictures and stare and think of what might of happened if he never went to the far away school and made lots of time for each other .something unexplainablee and it hurts to think of it becuase *** much *** i tryy he stil there and it only been 6th months .i just wished he knew how muchh i miss him and i cant forget about him .but im just watting for the right one to pushh him out of my head but at timess its hard and i give up that im not going to find someone to help me ...........thanxx for reading i apreciate it becuase i know theres more people like me and advice would always helpp.

pixie23 pixie23
Feb 23, 2009