How Do You Know When To Let Go?

I have never cared about anyone as much as I still care for my ex. I am a senior in highschool now and we began dating since the begining of freshman year and broke up last year. We've been talking on and off since but he has a girlfriend now, shes younger and is crazy about him. I know him very well and I know that he's very strong emotionally & he says he still loves me and will always love me because we were eachothers first true loves, but he feels that we've both changed. Allthough this is very true, we still have so much fun together now just like we did before. I'm so fearful that I will never find anyone like him again.The main problem is I can't trust him any longer, he doesn't think its right to be with me anymore and no matter what I do, play hard to get or talk to him myself or even move on, he always comes back into the picture and leaves right away. its very frustrating and I'm finally sick and tired of these "games" that are being played, but I don't know how to deal. I've dated and talked to plenty of guys since we've broken up and none of them make me as happy or make me feel as compfortable as he did. I love everything about him, including his flaws. Its so upsetting because what he had was perfect and I know he felt the same way, and he did nothing to hurt me and I had so much trust in him. Now he has his girlfriend who's he's been dating for almost a year now & yet will sneak around her and talk to me but never leave her for me. its very painful and I feel like I'm missing something huge inside of me. He's actually told me the same thing that he's never been the same. I really hope theres someone out there that can relate to this and maybe give me a clue- because I sometimes feel as though I don't need him until something comes up that reminds me of him or I start talking to someone else and it just doesn't feel right. Has it gone too far?

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I can so relate to this. I just wrote a story some like this. I'm still in love with my ex who has a girlfriend and we still sneaking around and doing stuff for each other without her knowing. The crazy thing is we been dating since I was 17 I'm now going on 20 so its very heart broken. But I think mines has gone to far out of control. But I'm praying for better days, and that it will get better. All you can do is pray and try to move on like I'm still trying to accomplish.

Totally relate to this, I thought I was well over my Ex bf and whenever someone new comes into the picture I don't tend to feel much for him, but when that person leaves (as they all seem to do) I'm back wishing I still had my Ex :( I knew he was not right for me and i still know hes not but hes the only person that loved me (or so he said) but I lost trust in him. Now I just want to move on and can see that he is happy with someone else and it annoys me that I cannot find it like it was with him. Its so frustrating but I'm guessing it changes everyday and maybe if you did get back together it probably wouldn't feel right to you. It's just the idea of losing someone you once had something special with, that makes the feelings hard to let go of.