His My True Love

Januari 13 2010,  my husband and I  just came home from clinic for my doctor appoiment after noon, around 3 PM, I had an idea to do something  supprise for him, and before I am leave he asked me, where you going, and just smile, and he said have nice trip, I really exacting with my supprise for him, when I went home I open front door with the louder sound  SUPPRISE, but he just quiet with deathly pale face in his favorite chair,

its really unexpected for me, and we just really happy, he gave me everything I need, his love, his kindness, his respectfull, his care, happyness, his helpfull, his understand, everything he did always the best for me i never had before.

Now his gone, and a part of my life gone, I am sadly, I am Badly, I am painfull, I am sock, I am alone, I am sick .

He always in my mind, in my haert, in my sleep, everything always him because his my TRUE LOVE.

Until now I am still grieving .
juell934 juell934
Jul 15, 2010