Moving On

It has been over six months since I experienced the loss of my uncles. And I have finally completly moved on. I actually left things behind a long time ago. But now I am completly healed. I can speak of them without that ache in my heart. I don't sit around outraged that the police have yet to find and arrest the shooters. I actually feel that I do not care whether or not they get them. Well let me rephrase, I do want them to pay and be punished. But I'm not sitting around driving myself mad over it. If they do, hooray! I can't wait to see the face of the man that took my uncles from me. If not, well it wouldn't bring them back to me anyway.

But my grandfather, thats another story. I have yet to get over that. I think about him and miss him everyday. I can't explain the emotion that comes over me sometimes. But there are thing happening in my life that I would give anything to have him there for. Though my husband is supportive and here for me, no one can make me feel as much pride for the good that I do as my grandfather did. But it is a work in progress.


brwneyedbeauty brwneyedbeauty
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1 Response Aug 21, 2008

sweetie... look over your shoulder...he's there with you all the time. as long as you carry him in your heart his wisdom and love stays with you.