Woman And A Snake

on a clod winter day, an old woman strawled the forrest, looking for some branches. as she leand on a side to pull a big one, she noticed a snake. it was lying there helplessly and seriously wounded. the woman felt sorry for the snake and decided to take her in. she cared for it, fed it, kept it warm and safe. as the snake got better, one day bit the woman while she was placing branches into the furnance. woman, aware she'll die, sat down, all in disbelief.
- why did you bite me? after all i did for you. i saved your life, for crying out loud!
and the snake answered: woman, you knew i was a snake when you took me in
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7 Responses Dec 30, 2010

At that junture perhaps, she should have terminated the snake, afterall what had it done for her lately. Just kidding, a good tale I like it.

that was good

Good story.

Great story. So many people complain about circumstances, relationships in particular. This story could certainly be useful to those practice serial disharmony.

You can take the snake out of the wild but you can't take the wild out of the snake.

great story ,she learned her lesson the hard way

Have you ever seen a snake in winter? If you have, it should be a divine snake.<br />
But i like this story. The snake was right to bite.