My School Years Were a Living Hell But I Am Still Here!

I just started secondry  school and in the first week i broke my arm playing hockey  ( Great start  dont you think? :P )when i returned to school when my arm had healed i felt like an outsider i was bullied  so bad that I was sent home on several occasions for my own safety and i eventually left that school, at my new school its was great for about 3 months tell the main person that bullied me  at the previous school was transfered to my new school so the bullying started again only worse so i dropped out at 14 refusing to go to school, i kept in contact with a few of my mates from the second school even meet up a few times one of the times we meet up i was a bit early so i went for a walk in a local park where i was raped ive never told anyone this i was so ashamed i am Now 23 and just starting to get my life back on track i dont have many friends yet but i am working on it and i am damn sure nobody will ever make me feel as weak and as useless as i did then  i still have no idea where i got the strength to survive all that from  but i am proud of myself for it.

I hope that in some way this helps anyone going through anything like this there is light at the end of the tunnel dont ever give up!

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The anonymity helped me too, now I have some good and reliable friends here, we don't have to stay strangers for long.

Thanks for the support :D<br />
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Its weird never told anyone about this till I wrote it on here felt good to tell at last, even if it was to strangers.

I know the experience of being followed by the bullies, they were also my rapists and abusers,<br />
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Always here if needed buddy

I'm sorry to hear about this awful experience you endured. I'm glad you've decided to be a survivor and not just a victim. If you share your stories and comment on others' I think you will find a great deal of support here.