Why am I still here?
Just to suffer?
Everyday is spent wondering, wondering if I'm gonna pull myself together for another day, or I'll just let myself fall under the influence of my own thoughts.
I've watched my world fall apart in many ways than one, and I've lost everything once.
I just want this all to end, but my patience grows thin, and my thoughts grow stronger each day I persist to draw breath on this earth, I don't know what to do.
anonymousdrummer anonymousdrummer
18-21, M
1 Response Jun 5, 2015

Each day is a brand new start, and the only thing constant is change. Sometimes life doesn't feel worth living, and it is impossible to see a way out, but it can't stay that way forever and by sticking it out you are doing the right thing and will one day see it.

What I am about to say is one of those annoying things that everyone says to you when you're down and can be a nightmare if you are going through it and can't see it, but I have been where you are very recently and I think I'm finally starting to come out and see the light: things do get better, and although I could not believe that before I do believe it now. You are getting through it which is a great achievement, so try to look after yourself and take each day as it comes. If you want to talk about anything then please feel free to message me, I hope you are ok.