Do I Take The Chance?

Over the years I have thought about Tracy very often.  I have known him for as long as I can remember.  He lived next door to some family friends.  In third grade I ended up moving in the house across the street from him.  From that first day we spent every minute possibly together.  I was absolutely crazy about him but was too shy and to young to say anything.  We would walk to school together, walk home together and then spend all afternoon together until our parents would make us come in.  When one or the other was not allowed outside the other would sneek and talk to each other out the bedroom window and even sneek in the house at times lol!  After a few years the other kids at school would always say that he was my boyfriend, I just always assumed that it was because we were always together. 

Last year I came back in contact with him.  Come to find out he always felt the same way about me!  I never knew!  I always thought he liked the girl that lived down the street.  He did admit to me that he was telling everyone at school that he was my boyfriend. (awww)   Due to circumstances beyond our control I will not be able to see him for at least another year.  My other problem is that I now live 700+ miles away from him.

Just hearing his name brings a smile to my face.  He is still able to make me so happy or at least through letters he can.  He says that I bring the same happiness to him.  I am just so worried that when we see each other in person that it will not be the same.  I know I have changed a lot of the years and I am sure he has too.  Do I take the chance?  Do I take the chance of losing the hope that has carried me through everything all these years that I would find someone that makes me as happy as he did? 
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2 Responses Aug 4, 2010

If you are not marrying and he is not marrying of course take the chance. If I was not married I would certainly take the chance with my old love of H.S. and college. I still love her and will to the day I die. I did not jilt her she jilted me. We saw each other again in 2000 after her divorce and she told me she now realizes she made a mistake of jilting me. She looked just as beautiful as she did in H.S. However, life has been good and I have a wonderful wife of 43 years and three grandboys from only child..

thank you for this. I now know that I'm not the only one on this kind of situation. Hope all goes well for the both of you.