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The Girl I Used To Play With

So i recently made contact with a girl whom i was friends with when i was but a wee child. the last time i saw her i was 5 or 6...loooong time ago!! i actually forgot she ever existed. then she commented on a facebook post i made and WOWOWWWWW!! I don't have many memories of her except that she was a pretty girl and was also very kind and nice to me.  I have about 3 recollections of talking and playing with her as a was that long ago.

so she's engaged now with two children and she's absolutely beautiful - just as i remember her..and that's great!!  I am truely happy for her.  I guess i'm lying i'm not still "in love" with her...but i still love her!! but i'm not sure if it really is love when you're 5..I guess I still love the little girl in her that was my friend all those years ago haha anyways it was such a nice feeling to hear from her and then actually think about it and - remember her. haha it's a shame our paths weren't more intertwined as we grew up but hey, it's nice to know she stilll exists.

I'm not really sure how good a friends we were to be honest i was fresh out of toddler phase. but i know that i really liked her and considered her to be a  friend.  I'm keen to catch up with her as it would be so lovely - but is that weird?? i mean what do u talk about when all you can remember is that you were friends but not much else 20 odd years later!?

anyways it was a lovely experience to re-discover and remember the girl I used to play with.
juantwo juantwo 26-30, M 1 Response May 22, 2011

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She obviously had similar feelings or she would not have looked you up on facebook. So if you are interested and she lives close to you invite her out for dinner and find out if you could be friends today.