I Will Never Let Go Of Those Memories

I cannot honestly say when I met my crush..My family has known his for as long as I can remember..I looked at everyone else like.family except for him.He was different.He made my heart jump. He had the kind of curly hair you want to twist your fingers around, and that smile..Don't even get me started...We played house together..you know where you are the mom he is the dad and in our case his siblings were our children..i laugh thinking about that now.He was 2 years older than me playing house with three girls..i was a little league cheerleader and everytime we visited i practiced for no reason. I just wanted him to notice me. My family moved out of state and i never got to say goodbye. I was devastated to say the least. I was 10 then and my main focus was to show my parents i could handle living some place new..i never spoke to him again but he was honestly the only person i missed. No matter how much.time passed i still missed him. I was a teenager and my mother told me she heard he was getting married. My face didn't show it but my heart sank. Why? I convinced myself it wasn't a big deal and moved on. Just a few months ago my sister called me asking if i could guess who from our past was asking about me.i instantly thought about him somehow and to my surprise i was right. We spoke over a social network and i found out he is divorced from the woman who i just so happen to share a name with. He has three beautiful children and he had a crush on me a child.i honestly had no idea.He is still gorgeous. I am getting that feeling all over again. I am engaged now myself. Not to say i would have had a chance with him but even as a bride to be my first crush is on my mind constantly.
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1 Response May 5, 2012

You shouldn't be getting married if your first crush is still on your mind.<br />
you and your first crush need to meet up and have a one to one talk, on how you feel.