She's Still With Me

I'm im 10th grade , she's in my class. I really like her.

She's been in my class since 2nd grade. We never really used to talk much till 7th grade. We would love talking to each other. 9th grade was when I started flirting with her alot. I'd try to keep her as happy as possible. I'm really dedicated to her. Gave up like 5 girls just to get her. All was well. We would talk almost regularly.

9th end came. We had a prom in school. She's kinda shy, i'm more shy than her. It took me 10 mins to get the courage to ask her, though now I feel I was stupid, I should have just gone casually and asked her. So yeah, she was with her friends, I was with a friend of mine, I built up the courage and went to her, in front of her friends, and asked her to dance.

She said, NO. She wasn't ready to dance. She was all too embarrassed in front of teachers and other guys who might tease her. Even since we've just been doing bad.

We'd get into constant fights, over useless stuff. But we would apologize to each other soon. We've stopped talking as much as we used to. She doesn't bother sending me an SMS. Unless I start a conversation, she won't bother SMS'ing me or even looking for my name in the online list on Facebook.

We've started talking too much about crushes and obsessions and liking and stuff. She's a girl who's always ready to hook me up with another girl, but not herself. We were having this chat once, and she spent quite a long time saying how "Friend" is longer than "Love". Though I told her relationship is longer than friendship..

While what she was saying was kinda stupid, it was true. She told me to mention any 3 couples in our school who's relationship has lasted more than 4 months. I was blank-faced. There hasn't been a single relationship that has lasted so long in our school. But those guys never knew the gal properly before they got into a relationship. I know her really well, since a long time.

I've hinted her alot that I like her. I've always been there for her, helping her, supporting her, being a shoulder to cry on. But I guess she's not noticing it. I sent her this picture of "Baby You Light Up My World Like Nobody Else" and she thought I meant the lyrics of the One Direction song What Makes You Beautiful.

She does not know that I like her. Her birthday is on Christmas. I've been thinking on something really nice for her. I'm just confused whether I should call her some place private, a secret place, which no one knows. Or I should just be like in any open place. Should I tell her that I like her? Should it be before her birthday or after?

You might be thinking why waste my time over this girl? Well, she's really pretty when her hair is open. She's short, cute, beautiful and I really admire her.

I don't want our friendship to end. I want it to evolve. She deserves more than being just a good friend.

I named her white teddy bear too : Snowflake.
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I'm sorry man but you have to hear this: You've been friendzoned.

She's made it more than clear that she doesn't want you as anything more than a friend. Getting out of the friendzone is nearly impossible, but there are those select few.

Good luck to you man

she actually looks sooooooo ugly... snowflakes? call her whayner heads