It's Still There

I remember always liking him but when the time came I was too young and afraid to date him. Now it's 5 years later, we're about to graduate and the one guy that can make me laugh so much and make me forget how worried and insecure i can be is off limits. He has a girlfriend, and I'm sure she's wonderful but somehow I can't help but feel a little sadness when I think that could have been me dancing with him at the I have to sit across from him in a limo and think those thoughts in secret. But I guess above all there's still hope even when I feel hopeless.  

shirlena shirlena
1 Response Mar 13, 2009

Forget and don't think about him being off limits. Go to him and tell him about your feeling toward him exactly as you did above. Then let it go from there. He may be your "Mr. It" so don't let him go without at least testing fate.