Obsessing Over My Ex- (boyfriend) Help Me!!!

Yeah yeah yeah- Everyone claims their "Ex" is "Psycho". Men and women. Men tend to use it more- and doesn't everyone's "Ex" SUCK? I'm not one those people that can let things "slide" and I am not going to be "buddies" with my ex. He deceived me with lies the day we met and I will HATE him until the day I die. He has moved on- found a new "love" and has moved in with her- She makes tons of money and is younger. The question that I have is why can't I stop obsessing about him and her? Why can't I get a "life" and move on? I'm thinking about them constantly. It's driving me crazy!! I'm stalking them on facebook, writing myself lists of why I hate him so much, trying to pick her apart (even though it's got nothing to do with her- and not her fault). I just want to scream at him. Tell him how much he hurt me. How much he ****** with me- emotionally and physically. Why do I still care? Why does it bother me so much that he has moved on to somebody new? What does she have (other than money and a few years) that I don't have? Why do I suffer while he is happy as a clam with his new love-???????????? How do I make him go away???? How do I get him out of my mind- FOREVER!!!!?????????
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Yikes. I'm going through this now

I know how you feel/felt, I have been in this situation for 6months. unfortunately i dont have the answers to your questions, but knowing that i'm not the only one, makes me feel a little less crazy : ) hope it's the same for you