I did it again ... I read my old diaries, the ones from my time with him. It's so strange thinking about how long ago it was. It seems like it just happened. But it'll be ten years since we met this October.
It's nice, in some ways, though. Those beautiful memories we shared really do make me smile. There was a time when all they did was make me cry.
I just want to see him, and speak to him, just like I did all those years ago.
I did see him a few weeks ago. Had such a fun time, getting stoned with our friend. He was just as funny as he always was. Just as gorgeous, and just as nice to me.
Last time I spoke to him was about a week ago, on Facebook. Our conversation ended with him saying he hoped I had a good weekend. And that he'd see me soon. I didn't reply, as I figured that was the end of the conversation. I want to talk to him so badly, but I won't message him again. At least, not for a while.
Just wish we could have a night out. This is horrible. Why am I not over him?
I can't imagine never being with him again, but why would he be interested in me now? I'm a single mother, my body is all stretched out and ruined from carrying my son. I'm holding out for a miracle that will probably never arrive ...
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You have me sexually excitee

Can you ********** now?

**** off

Change your name to possibleheart.. you can get over it.. Be practical.. it will help you for sure.. Take care.

And yes...Miracles do happen..

Ah, it's only a song. :)
And I'm not sure if I can. And I'm not saying that to be melodramatic or whatever. We broke up 9 years ago. I've since had two serious relationships. I've had a child. And still, he is there. Always there. I've resigned myself to it now.
Thanks for responding. :)

You are emotionally strong.. just be happy...take care

I'm not unhappy. Thanks again. You take care too.