My Ex? I'm Not Ever Sure of That....

I am in love with my ex, if thats what i am to call her...

I'm not even sure if that sh is my ex, we never broke up..

2 years and a baby, and not a single word was spoken to me...

But do I love her??

I love her unconditional, without hesitation nor reservation!

I wish there was a more accurate word to describe what it is that I feel for her, but "Love" is the closest word that describes what it is that I feel for her...

4 months apart and my heart of my love hasent lessened....

I have become the poster child for a lost soul, and a broken heart....

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You are correct.....

i speak them straight from my sad broken tortured heart

Truer words have never been spoken....<br />
And you are soooooo right!

Truer words have never been spoken....<br />
And you are soooooo right!

Truer words have never been spoken....<br />
And you are soooooo right!

some people do that, no matter how much we try to fight it we must realize that someone has destroyed us, i am just now commign to terms with the fact that my ex has done it to me. I am not the person i used to be i am a shell. It sounds like you are the same, a shell filled with love that will never escape. Perhaps she will never truly know how much you love her perhaps she doesnt deserve to. If she has destroyed you in such a way that she has damaged the cockels of your heart to the point where you are unable to love another than it is to the fault of her own that she does not know to what extent you love her.

Love her???? I do with every fiber of my being. Appreicate her??? I was the only one in theb world that did...<br />
Will there ever be a second chance for us??? Never....<br />
She caused a ton of damage in my life. She is consumed with her lies and convincing herself that they are true...<br />
In the end??? I couldn't help her, I couldn't save her.<br />
She is the one that never knew what bshe had. <br />
But all things said, done and considered??? I do love her and I always will. <br />
She will always be the "one".....

what's the issue here? are you worried you don't love her or are you wondering if she still loves you? regardless, my peronal experience tells me that you can't appreciate what you have until it's gone. that's more than unfortunate; it's the ugly irony. if you know what you have, try to appreciate. when you lose it, you are damn sure lucky to get a chance to get it back. in your case if you are not sure you love her, you probably don't. i knew i loved my ex (pre-ex status) but just didn't know how to deal with it. i never questionned the "in-love" part. but that is just my experience. hope you figure out what you want and that it's not too late considering the circumstances.

only if it wasn't "REAL" love.......

BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<br />
time does NOOO such thing!!!!<br />
If its real love? if its true love??? there aint no amount of tme thats going to heal a broken heart. all we end up doing is filling our hours, our days with distractions.<br />
<br />
listen, i have been on the edge of suiside, and have had two failed attemps. someone of something wants me around, god or whatever appears to have some twisted morbid plan for me. and you know what they say about a thrid time? three tims a charm..<br />
as corney as it may sound, the music of Pop Evil is kinda saving my life right now. all the songs really are about me and her. soo much so that it scares the **** out of me. i cant go a day with out listening to them. in fact? im listening to them right now...<br />
maybe? just maybe?? there music might help you get threw your days, or maybe for now your hours...

Thank you for expressing this. I guess time may help lessen the pain, but the pain may never totally dissapear. That's what people tell me anyways.