2 Yrs Left

next year il be a junior. im so excited that i passed last year. i realy didnt think i waz gonna make it. one of my math teachers told me thatd shed always remember me bc i am  the 1st student ever to have a 0 in her class at mid-term. i have no idea how i passed that class bt i did. i cant wait to be out of school so i can move out and start my life.
prettylady prettylady
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1 Response Jul 1, 2007

Oh two years left I see :) so you're not going to university afterwards? I'm going to pursue a physics degree and possibly a math major too... Hehe, I love math; so if you get any problems you can ask me :D But you must have put in a lot of effort for the end-of-yead finals in math; good work! :D