It Will Be Slow, But Will Happen

I am a shy person and I know I can be quite peculiar about things. I tend to take things seriously and I like things done in the right way. However I am also kind, honest, and fun to be with. However my personality really shows and I think lots of guys are not attracted to me because they can see how sensitive I am, and that I am not looking for just fun, but I want a serious relatinship. Many weird guys are attracted to my appearance, but I know not many of them likes me for the way I am.
Because of my environment (I always have girls surround me: in school, in uni, at work) and my personality, I only had my first relationship with a guy when I was 21. It did not last long, because again in the end he turned out to be just looking for fun, and probably not as serious as I was (well, he was still young, younger than me, which makes it really really young for a guy to be mature enough). It took me months and months to get over him. Although I knew he was not the right one for me, somehow I was just pissed,knowing the fact that he did not love me that much.
Last night I went for clubbing with a girlfriend. I realised too that later these days guys in the club do not approach me as much as when I was younger. Maybe I have that vibe that indicates 'looking for a serious relationship only, no sleazy guys please'?
When I got home, I felt lonely, but at the same time it opens my eyes, that I do not have trust on these guys the club, so I wont get anyone from there. I mean, I have always distrusted guys from the club but maybe somehow I was still hoping in my luck that one of them may be okay. But now it completely gone. I know now that I can only like a person if I can know him well, most probably in the workplace, where I can see how he works and how he treats others. And again, this means I will need a long time to see all of these, as I work in the field where I spend little time when everyone, and people come and go.
So, in conclusion, there is no instant way for me to get that wonderful guy. It just wont work eventhough in the beginning it is always sweet.
Bleh. Sounds like a long journey to me.
uggh uggh
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3 Responses Sep 18, 2011

the best is yet to come...

It's sounds to me that you're a diamond worth finding, and hoping the right guy finds you.

Thank you for your kind words :)

a journey of a thousand miles begins with just one step, somehow I think you are worth the journey :)

Thank you, that is sweet :)