I Think It Will Never Happend

I will never meet my Soul Mate, specially where i live.

1st i cant hunt a guy, i never knew how take his attention only on one way they always get to be my friends and most of them they look at me as friendship with benefits :(

I stopped looking but in the same time i need a freind who just spend most the time with me, or calling more than once, want to going out with me to feel that am yung.

Being a freind with a boy its much nicer, i never had a group of freinds or friends crazy like me i spend all my teenage with family (working and sport them) i don't regret about that time. but i don't want to lose my chance to enjoy in life specially am in 28 my chances to have a Soul Mate is low.

So what i need is a freind without benefits who likes me and care about me.

This is stupid but true for me
BlackR BlackR
26-30, F
Sep 20, 2012