Visions As Warning Wrong Turn

True story......

The week of July fourth which I thought was going to be a wonderful went south. My husband and I finally had some time together. We got our motorcycles out and as soon as I got on my bike I got sick feeling in my guts. However, I just ignored it. We started out everything was fine and felt better. Till we were ready to start home. We took a different route home and as soon as we made the turn right before the stop sign the vision had hit me. Your in trouble now.  As soon as I came to the stop sign that was it. I went to put my foot down which was about a foot drop and that was it. Both bike weight and my weight all went down on the right elbow. It wasn't my arm that  hurt that bad. It was the horrific pain that was in my chest and back. It just felt like everything in my chest shifted to the left. Went to my chiropractor we both thought the same thing broken ribs. Nothing broken, all I ended up with was torn cartilages. I guess for now on I will pay attention to the visions or feelings.

I will say this though you can set your mind into doing anything mode. My husband got my bike up, put the kick stand down. And said what do you think we should do? I said I will tell you what I am going to do. I got on my bike with the handle bars twisted a bit and I took breath which about killed me with pain and said I will ride this bike home. It was the longest five miles I think I've ever rode. By the time I pulled into the driveway I thought I was going to collapse from the pain.

I didn't write this blog cause I wanted pity. I wrote it because everyone has an intuitive ability. If you get a sick feeling about something or a vision take heed it just might be a warning.
Take care all you motorcyclist!

angelswayhealing angelswayhealing
51-55, F
Jul 14, 2010