Just Thought I Would Share. I Guess It Is Like Therapy.

I met my ex on Myspace in May of 2009. I was 32 at the time and had only had a few relationships, with only one that I would consider serious. I went on a first date with her after she found me on Myspace and sent me a message. The first date went really well. The second date went better and by the third date I was getting serious butterflies just looking at her. If possible, I was in love on the third date. We dated for only 8 months and she broke up with me. But for 7.5 of those 8 months I thought I had found THE PERFECT girl for me. There were so many things that we had in common and that we both liked and wanted to do together that it was scary. And she was beautiful. She was an angel. Could not be more my type physically. Everything was amazing.

One January day we went to lunch on our lunch breaks. We had a nice lunch and I dropped her off at her office and to this day I have never seen her again. She broke up with me via text message that night. To this day the only communication has been some text messaging and some emails. But I have not heard from her in a year and she never gave me a clear reason that we did not work out. With the exception of the last week--where she acted just a little strange--she was still madly in love with me, or so I thought. The only thing she would ever say is just that we were not meant to be and she was not in love with me anymore. But just weeks earlier, around Christmas and New Years she either was still crazy about me or the world's greatest actress.

It has been over 25 months since this 8 month relationship ended and I can't get over it. It still hurts. I am better than I was a year ago. I have gone on some dates but nothing has come close to that magic I had. And I am still single. Just last night I had a dream that we got back together and when I woke up this morning I was so sad that I didn't want to get out of bed. At this point I know it is a 99% chance I will never talk to her again let alone get back together with her but I just can't get past it. I had experience with heartbreak once before. I was dumped a couple years prior by a girl I was in love with and I was devastated. But one year later I was feeling okay again and started dating. I just can't get over Vanessa. I can't get over her and I don't know why. Maybe it is the lack of closure? The fact that the break up was over a text and she would not give me a definitive reason? I fear that my adult life is in jeopardy of never being a happy one because I can't get over her.
1 Response Apr 2, 2012

My oh my it's similar to my break up. Expect we were together 6 years. It's been 9 months and I know I can't ever get passed it. Message me of you want to talk more