a few weeks ago my mom said that I was getting lazy with my chores like I was doing them but basically they were only being done well enough to say that they were done not as well as she would expect them to be done. so she told me to get up to my room and wait for her. So I went up there and waited for her. she came up there about 20 minutes later. I think she was trying to cool down cuz usually when she comes up stairs she is like stern but not like screaming kind of mad like when she sends me to wait. so she set down the paddle on my bed. she lectured me for like forever about how it is my responsibility as a child to help contribute to the household by doing cleaning and that she expects me to take pride in the quality of work I do. it went on for like forever. After she was done she made me hold up my skirt and she pulled my panties down and then made me bend over the end of my bed and then she paddle my bottom. she doesn't really count the number of smacks I don't think and if she does she doesn't tell me how many she gives. She basically jsut seems to go til she thinks I have had enough for whatever I did. then she leads me downstairs to the living room and makes me stand in the corner for at least 60 minutes to reflect on what earned me a spanking then after that my spanking punishment is over.
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It sounds very harsh, but you seem like a very respectful and respectable young lady so something must be going right.

I just got my fist spanking want to chat

Yes if your going to do something you might as well do it wright. I agree with her demanding to contribute and it's nice to see she takes time to cool down. 60 min is a long corner time.. You probably could have gotten your chores done in that time. The next time did you do your chores with more diligence and did it work as a warning for your other siblings as well?

good mom

Sounds like a lot like my mom no nonsense so many of my friends never get any discipline and are out of control druggies quit school and no respect for anyone or anything I have to say I m glad I have parents who care and punish me at times even with a spanking or grounding

Great mom

please add me spanking is used in our house to

I hope you've learned your lesson young lady

I'm so sorry your a human being and your mom should love you and not hit you

nothing wrong with being paddle still

Right... to your mom children are slaves, what a piece of **** she is. Very unlucky for you. Luckily, I think you're just a grown man with ****** fantasies because you can't find a girl stupid enough to submit to you. So all's good.