The First Encounter With The Belt

When me and my husband were first dating I made a huge mistake... Before him I was dating this guy and I left some stuff at his house and I went and received it well when I returned home I felt so terrible for what I did I had to tell him...

So I said hunny I don't want you to be mad at me, he looked at me and said what did I do I said I kissed Quinton... After that I saw he was getting upset, about a week ago we talked about disciplinary spanking and he agreed that if it was needed he would have non problem fishing one one, at the time I didn't Beleive him , while I was telling him what happened I saw him getting upset... When I was finished he started talking and lecturing of course I didn't want want the spankingg I had coming seeing it would be my first... So I begged and pledged for him not to spank me " please don't spank me please" little did I know this only made him want to do it more... It happened so fast the flew out of bed grabbed my arm laid me over his lap and started by smacking my bum over my jeans as the spanking went on It hurt more and more... After it seemed like forever he stood me up and pulled my jeans and panties down and asked if I have ever been spanked with a belt... I felt like a huge pit in my stomach as I said no I haven't .... He said ah okay.... As I was standing there her reached down to the jeans he wore the night before and took the belt off of them and told me to get back over his knee I was shocked was he really going to spank me with that.... At first I wasn't going to but I had no choice after a while of me telling him no he grabbed my arm and threw me over his lap and I felt his belt come down and boy did it sting ... I stood up after what seemed like forever and he made me sit on his lap even tho my bum hurt so much and told me that was because he loved me so much and that maybe I will think twice before cheating again... I nodded and he told me to get dressed and than we laid in bed and cuddled as he kissed my forehead and told me he had to punish me... I understood in love him so much
Chevygirl0917 Chevygirl0917
18-21, F
Jan 22, 2013