I am 16 and still get spanked. A lot of my friends stopped being spanked when they were 12 or 13 but I still get spanked regularly for bad behavior. I hate how many licks I get and how red and sore my butt is afterwards. I cry so much during my spankings.
Cayboy Cayboy
18-21, M
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Don't feel bad. I got my last spanking at 23, and it was epic! I know it hurts, I know it's embarrassing, but believe me, more of your friends are getting spanked than care to admit it to you. It will end when you move out and get your own place, and by then you'll have a good background of behavour to start your life. That's all your parents want, and that's what they're trying to teach you. 😊

How many licks do you normally get?

Like everyone, I tried not to cry, no matter how old I was after 30 seconds with a hairbrush or bathbrush the tears would start. Soon after I'd be crying like a 5 year old, so don't worry about it, people react differently to smoldering buns . . . LOL!