Who Am I?

I am a mother because I have children

I am a wife because I am married

I am a daughter because I was born....

you get the general idea...

but what I really would like to know...is who I really am

with all the "because" titles aside

who am I because that's who I am inside

who I am for me...myself


dryadsneedluv2 dryadsneedluv2
31-35, F
3 Responses Apr 26, 2007

We who are lost are the 'special ones.' It is us who choose to look deep in order to find ourselves amongst a world who chose to believe they are the legends or live lives ba<x>sed on false thoughts.<br />
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You are who you are. There's no riddle there. You are defined by what you do, and what you do becomes a part of you. There are things to define you further. Things you can do to change you, but can you really change everything?<br />
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Life is a journey. When it ends for you, it begins for another. For me, life is sad. I am sad all the time. I try to believe that I am happy, but I don't think Ill ever grasp what Im really here for. Im probably infected by some illness I wouldn't except no matter who or what Im diagnosed with. To me, nothing is real, however we have to believe in order for our life to go on.<br />
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Death is the only thing that proves that our lives are real. But is death the end? How could it be?

Yes... you have a sense of who you are - even if you haven't 'come' into it yet....

You are truly beautiful on the inside...