Confused, But I Am Getting There...

I am still trying to figure myself out. I want to know who I am, what I stand for, and what my life is all about. I am confused about a lot of things but I think I am going to wait and just let life take me wherever it wants to take me. I'll just sit back, relax and go with the flow. ;)
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RC,<br />
I like your response; determined and focused. I sense that you are an intelligent, freespirited, independent thinker. One of your strengths is that you are willing to ask questions and plan boldly for the future. <br />
I worked with many designers at Haworth, Inc, in Holland, MI. Some designed corporate furniture, others designed large office interior designs. Many went to Kendall school of Arts in Grand Rapids, MI. It is a great industry to be in.<br />
Thank you for your reply.

Thank you for your concern and valuable advice. You are a very kind person. :))

Try asking yourself these questions: What are the things I value the most? Living a peaceful, comfortable life, having a lifelong friend/partner/lover, children, knowing I will be with my loved ones in heaven after I die, will my life make the world a better place for everyone, will others be proud of me. And, What is the best way for me to accomplish these things I value?<br />
Be patient. Be deliberate. Know that life will try to derail you with unexpected events and people with bad intentions. Be on guard. Be strong.<br />
Please, write back to me. I really care.

Thank you so much for you response and thank you for caring. I will stay strong and fight for my dreams. I will never give up ^^

Its better if you take your time to decide your things, i was pressed to decide on a college course and struggled with my choice during some time and not yet sure i did the right one, but dont take a passive attitude about your life. Dont wait for the answers, seek them, research the things you want to know more about, experiment new things, dedicate your time to the art you love. Being passive can be as bad as rushing. Take your time but dont be taken by it.

Well, I did research, Tori, that's all I did the past few months haha. I have always been the kind to plan everything out. I want this to be a spontaneous decision :D I have decided I am going to settle down with the graphic design + interior design degree tho :D

Tori, I like your response. I agree with all you've said.