Well I don't smoke or drink, never have and absolutely hate drugs but still have a great deal of fun whenever I am out .. in fact most of the time I have more fun than the people who are drinking or getting high and wasted on stuff .. I for one do not see how having fun and doing these things are related but to each their own.

I party hard and enjoy the music and the going out scene even without having to do alcohol and guess what I have probably the most energy around .. so those who think that alcohol, drugs and having fun go hand in hand, think again coz they surely don't!!
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Hi my dear judgementday1992..dun be mad with me,your silly friend here..lol

My imaginations not in real baby

Hi DommeJenna..haha my this friend is super cute..a virgin with 2 kids..!!

2 kids at your age, you married?

Not yet

Hello my new friend..nice and thank you for sharing :)

You are always welcome my dear