This Is a Story of a Guy I Knew Once...

it has nearly been two years....but i'm still waiting for this guy who has been in my heart all this while...he left my country...for good......and nobody ever knows whether he will come back..not me..not even him..u may think that my story is just like any other stories...but it's not to me...coz i've never felt like this in my entire life.i've been in a relationship once before..but the other partner played dirty behind my back...n things went really bad.since then, i was always afraid of relationships and being committed to took me a while to realize that not all guys are the same.although i'm still a little bit phobia bout my past...i have to go on with my life.and in 2004,i met this amazing guy.he was just a friend at first.he did confess to me that he liked me.n feelings started to grow...from became something.i wasn't really sure of my feelings at first...n after a while...i told my bestfriend about it.but like people doesnt always turn out the way u want it to be.two weeks after that,he told me that his family had to move back to his country(which is thousands miles away from mine..n definitely in a different continent).i only had two months to do the right thing.but things got worse...he told me that he only thought of me as his sister and thing's changed.i didn't know what to do...i wasted my time with doing nothing.i've lost was like i already let the moment passed us week before he left..i tried to go out with him almost everyday.cause i wouldnt get that chance ever again.the night before he was supposed to leave...i spent the night with him and our friends...some of them went back.but i stayed with him until the next day with my other two friends.we were so tired and tried to sleep at his place.n that was when it happened. he finally confessed to me that he was actually in love with me.that he just didn't want to make things worse.(that's one thing i don't understand bout guys..why couldn't we juz enjoy the moment instead of keeping everything inside?)....we talked for what seemed like forever.n the next thing i knew..his mom asked him to get ready to go to the airport.and he did leave on the 9th of april 2005.

i was in a bad shape after that.having a major breakdown.but his promise made me alive.he said that he will come back one fine day.and even though it's already october 2006...god knows i'm still waiting for him. he really caught my life has never been the same without him. he might not be one of the brightest guys but he is bright enough for me. he protected me whereever i was.i always felt safe with him.some of my friends asked me to move on...some of them asked me not to lose faith. i don't care what they said.they don't know how it actually feels like to be wondering alone...not knowing what's gonna happen next.but one thing i know for sure...i will never let go this is something that i have with me now.

i regret for not realizing my true feelings sooner.i regret that i didn't spend the best of my time with him every single day. i regret for playing hard to get earlier. but never i regret that nite.the night when everything changed.when i knew he was not juz like any other ordinary guys.the night that i knew...i was also in love with him.still am actually.he's somewhere far rite now....i've tried so many times to contact him but he didn't reply.we did send a few smses before....but since seems like we lost problem is because my msg and his msg couldn't get through our phones.(don't ask me why.coz the line was juz not working.i didn't get his msg.he didn't get mine).i called him once(in april).we talked for an hour n he told me what happened recently in his life.n that was it.i felt like 'the thing' was still there.he said he would try to call me a few days later.but later already turned out to be months.even feelings still haven't changed.this guy is still in my heart.if u ask me again..i have already tried msg in friendster and msn messenger..but he didn't reply my msgs.what is that supposed to mean?he already forgot bout me?he doesn't want to continue our friendship anymore?or he already found someone else who can make him forget bout me?i have thousands of questions to know why...what happened and so on.but the universe is still againts us.i'm trying to move on but i can' life yes...but not my love life.

signs....have always lead me to his way.that he still has the same feeling towards me.n that thing is still strong.but is it?i've never given up hope.i still believe that he will come back one day so that we can patch things up. my favourite author(paulo coelho) once said "the universe tries to tell us when we are wrong by taking what is most important to us:our friends".... i guess he was right...maybe it's karma...maybe it's not. but i will keep waiting...for i know we both will meet again....

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From reading this story the guy sounds kind of selfish to me. The part where he told you how he truly felt right before you parted... Why? What's the point of telling someone I love you right before you say boodbye? I believe one of the most selfish thing a person can do is to want someone to want them.

well..just in case u guys are wondering what happened to this guy...he is getting married next year. how ironic is that huh?

oh hunny i was sorry to hear about your story of lost love, i hope you have managed to get in contact with him i would offer you a tarot reading but i see you posted this back in oct 2006, so it may not even be relevent anymore, i hope things have worked out for you and that if you dont have him, you at least have found a way to move on, take care hunny cause i care joss, xxxxx