The L Word

My friend once told me that the definition of love varies from one to another. She believes that the number of people living on earth equals to the number of the definitions of love. Some people said…love is magic. Some others said love can’t actually be seen, but can only be felt by heart. And some might say love is nothing but trouble. If u asked me…I seriously don't know what love is. Have I been in love? I’m not even sure. I had “something” with this one guy not so long ago. Can I call it love? What if the “something” we had was just some inexplicable feelings that were not even close to the L word? Some people said the world stops when u are in love. Is it true? Because if it really is…then the “something” I had with that guy was not love. To be quite honest, I don’t think a person can be in love with someone who doesn’t love him/her back. I believe that it has to work both ways. And if u love someone…u will fight for her/him….no matter what happens… but love is not only meant for your special someone. It could be your family…your dog..your bunny…or anything! And that’s why I’m writing this to ask u guys to tell me the meaning of love from your point of view. It doesn’t matter if the description only contains one word… what matters most is the thought that comes from your heart. And your comments would really be appreciated. Thank u guys! And best wishes from me!
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Love is not being able to imagine ur life without that person. That person is ur best friend..ur everything and to them u are the same.! And having such a connection with this.person...u are never alone and you both feel that u can do anything and everything bcuz of the love u have.

I agree with blondiesindy. Love is both feeling and action. It is where you put the other person's needs before your own. They know they can depend on you regardless of any situation that may come up. It is the undeniable feeling that you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are loved.....and you feel it in every fiber of your being.

Its infatuation that stops the world. Love is less the feeling but more the action. If you put that persons happiness, health etc first to lets say that of your own its love. Sometimes we don't realize how much we love someone until they fall very ill or we don't see them 4 ages. And there are various types of love 2 like the love you have 4 your mother is greek word storage and the love we have 4 the general population is agape, romantic love is eros. and thers one more that we have 4 close friends,pets philidelphia.

Ok, I think you can be in love with someone that doesn't love you, but obviously the relationship would never work out. To me, love is a state of mind. You can be in love, or out. It can make you feel on cloud nine, or throw you to the bottom depths of hell. It's all in how you mind and emotions deal with it, and define it. And this could just be a bunch of personal psycho-babble!! :)