So Many Questions..

I am definitely loving this site.Finally, I would be able to pour my feelings which I have been concealing for so many weeks now.

I met Andrew online, in one of those BBW dating sites. For a Filipina, being overweight is definitely not helping my dating chances with a fellow Filipino that's why I entertained the idea of having foreigner boyfriend. He's an Australian, soon to be divorcee. He messaged me and after few exchanges of emails and chats, he told me he's going to the Philippines. I told him we could meet, if we would get along well, then I was ready to fall in love.

He came here 2 days after Christmas and stayed until New Year. It was a memorable week, full of love and romance. I was simply swept off my feet.

Then he went back to Australia. For a month, he was so keen on the relationship, always calling and texting me. Then it started to slip. His calls and texts became very infrequent. So since I love him, I tried to do my part to save the relationship. I would also call him and most of the time, he would tell me it's because he's busy at work. I tried to understand his situation.

Our last conversation was when I called him to greet him for his birthday.. He told me that he loves me and I should wait for him. I am willing to do that.

Then, I faced a slight financial setback. I was so desperate then, and I got no one to turn to. So I texted him and told him about the problem. He never responded. Some devil maybe playing with me that time, I lost my phone after few days.

Unfortunately, I have never written down his number. So the only contact info I got left of himm is his email address and yahoo id. I used those means to contact him. But up to now, I have'nt received any response from him.

So now, I living in a limbo. I still have so many things to tell him. I still love him. I still want to be with him. He's a very upfront person and I only want to know if he really does not want me anymore, and I would let him go.

I wish I'll have my answers soon..

kpopconvert kpopconvert 26-30, F 1 Response Sep 26, 2009

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oh darling.. i know it's hard.. but i really hope u will hang in there..and i wish you all the best..:)