In My Panties

All the influences in my life were, grandma, and my aunt, so when it was time to stop wearing diapers (I was about 5). We called my underwear -even though they were briefs - panties. When I had an accident, they would ask "did you tee-tee in your panties" or "I smell poopy panties". I had accidents almost daily until I was about 10. When I was about 13, I woke up to a wet bed (which was very common) and decided since my bed was already wet that I would just pee right there! I loved the feeling and soon started wetting my panties before even going to sleep and after waking up. About 2 weks later I was at my Grandmas playing and went doo doo in my panties while in the garden with her. As she walked me in to the bathroom, I remember it sagging my pants and squishing between my legs. I live at that house currently and have "accidents" in the garden quite often!  So yes, I am still wetting and messing my "panties" I smell like a 3 year old right now!

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hello, I am Emily..<br />
I am 16 and i have a very weak bladder... I simply cannot make it 95% of the time..<br />
IN school, I was never the popular girl... quite the opposite.. and i used to mess my panties all the time due to my teachers not letting me go.. I was teased and called a freak... one time, I was taking a 100 problem test, and I found out I really had to go.. I asked my teacher, but, of course, she said no..<br />
I put my hand between my legs like a little girl about to wet herself, and in about 2 minutes, I was almost in tears.. I asked again, again, no... I was desperate, then I couldn't take any more... I took my hands away and let it go... soon my WHITE panties and skinny light blue jeans were soaked and I had a puddle in my chair and at my feet.. the teacher said to turn in the test (which I failed) and I walked up, turned it in, turned around, and everyone burst out laughing... I ran out of the classroom, and went to the girls restroom, and cried my eyes out..<br />
<br />
I can't hold it for more than 4 minutes and have an unfortunate accident about 9 times a week.. I am HUMILIATED at school, and I am sometimes even bullied into messing myself.. I am 16 and i wear diapers... I feel like I am a freak... <br />
<br />
please advise..<br />

It's ok, as I pooped and peed my pants in school too. I would try my best to clean the poop out of my undies so Mommy wouldn't catch me as I was in junior high school. Don't feel too bad as we all have our accidents.

Aaaww Charlieboy ... you must be the boy who put some very sweet stories on Baby Matt's site.. The same themes, the same words..<br />
<br />
It's nice to find some of your memories here too..<br />
<br />
How did mom, grandma and aunt respond to your daily accidents ?

thts awsome how old r u???? :]