Back Home,stoned!

I came home today totally stoned!
And i do not tell my Boyfriend every-time I'm smoking marijuana,but he figures it out anyway!
And then he's mad at me,but one thing i fail to understand alot of times,IF he has quit smoking,does it mean that I HAVE to too?
isn't THAT unfair..?
Plus he drinks all the time and i don't!
And whenever i confront him about it,he says something or another about quitting soon.But i DONT wanna quit right now,i wanna quit WHENEVER I FEEL LIKE!
Is that possible!
I think not!

P.S. Hes a really good guy! Loves me alot and even apologized for the way he treated me,which iv mentioned in my previous blog!So i guess he's just worried!

What do u feel?
girlwithoutanamedotcom girlwithoutanamedotcom
18-21, F
May 5, 2012