I'm Stoned

And i love it

Giggly times

sheshigh sheshigh
18-21, F
4 Responses Mar 28, 2009

Stoned. Wasted. One of my boys hit the pot. His grades went. He went. I think he is a street person in Denver. Perhaps mj hit him harder than others, but I would rather like other highs. Like: The high from doing a good job. The high of accomplishment. A sense of well-being from meditation or prayer. The high of helping others. ETC.

damn it no one shares around here i am going to my corner and pout lol everybody must get stoned

yup, lucky you - getting a wicked case of the giggles is a lot of fun. I'm stoned because it helps against some of the symptoms of my condition (low-grade brain tumor) and against the medications side effects ....but mainly because it helps me feel good and today that's good enough

lucky you!