(This was a really weird dream for me and it might be weird for you too.)
I had a dream one night and it took place at a soccer practice field. I had to use the bathroom so I walked over to the port-a-potty. I walked in and locked the door. When I sat down, something poked my butt. I shot straight up off the toilet and pulled up my pants. There was a guy my age in the port-a-potty. He climbed out and said, "Don't be scared." "You just poked my butt! Of course I'm scared." I said. "I fell in the toilet and I poked your butt so you wouldn't poop on me." He said. "What's your name? And are you parents worried?" I asked. "My names Ryan and No because my parents care more about my little brother than me." He said. "Let me help you get the poop cleaned off of your clothes then." I said. He took his shirt off slowly, almost like he was trying to impress me. Then he took his pants off slowly. "Like what you see?" Ryan asks me. "No, I have a girlfriend." I say very confused. "Oh. That's a shame." Ryan says. "Wait....are you...are you gay?" I ask. "Of course I am, I thought you were too because you were having me take my clothes off." Ryan says. "I gonna go get you some spare clothes. Be right back." I tell him. I leave the port-a-potty and head for my dad's soccer field. I grabbed the bag of spare clothes I had and walked back to port-a-potty. When I opened the door, he was sitting on toilet BUTT NAKED. "Jesus Christ, Ryan!!" I say. "You like what you see now?" He asks me. "No, put your underwear back on." I say. "Aww...you're no fun." He says as he pulls his underwear back up. I step inside the port-a-potty and lock the door. "I brought you some spare clothes." I tell him. Out of nowhere, Ryan comes up from behind and pulls my pants down. "Hey! WTF are you doing!!" I yell back at him. "Just relax." He says. Nothing I could do would stop him from doing something very wrong. He places me on the toilet seat and pulls down my underwear revealing my 4 1/2" and smiles. He starts to suck it. I squirm but he holds me down. "Stop!" I yell at him but he ignores me. After awhile, he stops. He looks at me and grins. Ryan lifts my legs showing my ***. "WAIT WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?" I yell at him. Ryan dives in to lick my ***. He does that for a long time until he stands up. I look up at him with the look on my face that says "please don't." Ryan takes out his 4 1/2" and smiles at me. I wake up very scared and very confused. The End.
Tommyboi14 Tommyboi14
22-25, M
Aug 31, 2014