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I Am Straight And Love To Wear Skirts

i do not know who started this story and never put anything in it, it is time people who start pages on EP put up the first story to start it off.

Myself i am a man who is straight and loves to wear skirts i do not know why people always think just because a man wears a skirt he must be either gay or he is a sissy boy.
I wear skirts just about full time except for when i return to England and it is to cold to do there or that it upsets some one who is either a close friend or a relation i do not hide the fact i wear skirts it is hard to do when you wear them all the time, in years gone by i use to think the only way i could go out dressed in a skirt was to pass as a woman which was what i use to do but for many years now i do not try to pass as a woman i just let people know i am a man who likes to wear skirts and is not ashamed to do so, yes i have long hair and quite often get mistaken for a female but straight away i point out i am male not female.

It is time that all men who want to go out wearing a skirt just got the balls and did what they want to do not hide behind if other men do it i will or you will be stuck wearing the same old boring pants until you die.

as a friend of mine told a guy who said to me that i must be gay to dress the way i do "it takes more balls than you will ever have to go out wearing a skirt" which i believe is true for the first few times after a few times it gets much easier to do as you realize no one cares what you are wearing except for the few who would like to do it but are to scared to do so.
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I too am straight and wear skirts from time to time. I love them. They are comfortable and cool. I have to be careful bending or sitting because most times I don't wear underwear but that's a small drawback. It is hard to wear them in open public. I usually wear mine shopping or just walking. I have yet to wear one to a restaurant or shopping mall but I'm trying to work up the courage. The problem of course is not me, it's the small minds that snicker or laugh and when I see how some straight men dress today, they really don't care about their looks.

Each to their own said Nancy to Clancy as she kissed the cow!

i am with you it takes balls for a man to ware a skirt i would but I am living in a homeless shelter with a bunch of homophobic men so for safty reasons I cant but I still eare feminine clothing

where i am in mansfield it is a real mans town as an ex mining town (where men are men and women do as they are told) i have found as long as i am confident and happy in what i am wearing then no one is bothered i get strangers asking me why i am wearing a skirt and as soon as i tell them i just prefer skirts to pants then they are ok with it i always tell them i do not want to have a sex change i just like female clothes, even when i go to barnsley to see some friends and we go out no one is bothered except for a couple of second looks no cares everyone tells me it is just my way of being happy with the way i am and not being scared, just like when dealing with animals if you show them you are scared then they will rip you to bits.

Paul, everything you have written is absolutely right ! I have made exactly the same experiences like you when I go out skirted. The first time - and maybe the second time - people ask you why you wear a skirt as a male, but the third time they have got accustomed to it. And when you meet these people for the fourth time - this time in trousers - they ask you why you havenĀ“t put on a skirt ....

A skirt or a dress is just more comfortable on the fully developed male anatomy. It takes testicles to be a man in a dress or skirt. It takes a useless wimp to try to pass as a female with a fake breast & a fake name. Real men can wear miniskirts for their comfort during the summer or a flannel maxi-skirt during the winter. It's not for the gutless or the timid. I went to Sams Club once in pants when it was colder than any words could adequately describe - and yes, I was asked if everything was OK with me since I always (well, almost always) wear a skirt or a dress wherever that I travel.

I wear a skirt around my house, and in my yard a lot. Way more comfortable when doing lawn work, bending over and all that. I havent worn one in public.
The looseness around your privates is heaven, compared to tight bluejeans, etc.I took a pair of khaki shorts, cut the crotch out, and sewed them into a skirt. Now I know what Im going to do with all my pants when the cuffs wear...

I just wear my skirt around the house and yard to havent went out yet in it... maybe one day I will.....

i have just seen the new fashions for men by Givenchy and they have as many skirts as pants or shorts, you can see it here:-<br />
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