Straight Edge Til' I Die

Well this is a long thing type rant or whatnot so that's just a forewarning.

   My name is Adam Helms.  I started smoking when I was 11 because my friends told me it was cool.  Well for one if you've never picked up a cigaratte before, it tastes horrible.  Imagine burning an old boot and inhaling the smell.  It was disgusting.
  Well fast forward a few years. I finally figured out who my real friends were and the ones that got me to smoke weren't so I severed ties with them.  A little ways forward I'm still smoking.  I turned 15, graduated high school early.  I received my first electric guitar as a graduation present.  I was still smoking yannow?  And well.. I ran out of smokes.  But I just didn't care anymore.  When I ran out that was it.  Music is what makes me straight edge.   
  This is was even before I knew about Straight Edge or its music.  I still am new to a lot of the bands but that doesn't make me less Straight Edge.  This was also before CM Punk came to WWE and spread the word about it although he makes me proud to be straight edge.  
 Now that I'm older and a lot wiser at age 19 I truly realize it all.  Why cling to something as an addiction when it costs you a lot of money and years off of your life?  I'm so happy that I never tried alcohol or drugs.  I'll never understand why people waste their lives and money on drugs, alcohol, and cigarettes.  They say it makes it better but I really don't see how. 
  I live off of a natural high.  I don't need drugs to get that high.  I never felt the need to get shitfaced because I've seen what that causes.  I never felt the need to try hardcore drugs because I've seen how that destroys lives, people will drive themselves to poverty and even homelessness to supply their drug addictions.  
But that's not me.  I spread the word every day.  I live by the words "Straight Edge til' I die."  I will admit it makes it hard for me to make friends because it's hard for me to make friends with non Straight Edge people since most will try and tempt you.  But that doesn't stop me from enjoying life.  I  have plenty of friends and I have my family.   Most importantly of all I have my mind, my health,and my music.  
HelmsRX78 HelmsRX78
18-21, M
May 10, 2012