Straight Edge Teacher

My entire life I've been straight edge. I grew up with a father as a police officer and a mother as a health teacher, you don't get much more awareness and exposure than that. I learned at a very young age all of the negative side effects of drugs and alcohol. I also learned their benefits. However, the benefits were petty and short term, while the negatives were lasting long term effects. I knew right away that i would never put anything like that into my own body.

Growing up straight edge wasn't a problem until high school. Before high school every kid acts like they'll be drug free for life, except a rare few. But in high school everything changes. Alcohol becomes cool, and so do drugs. As an athlete I used the excuse that I didn't want to do drugs because I didn't want to get kicked off the team, and that worked for the most part. People wouldn't hassle you or pick on you if you gave them an answer like that. But once I got to college, people began looking at me like I had 3 heads when I told them I'd never drank a sip of alcohol or taken a hit on a joint before. I no longer had the excuse of sports, so I was honest. And surprisingly, a lot of people were fine with it. I find that the people react according to the way you behave. I joked with my friends, and they ragged on me to be a designated driver, but they always understood and respected my decisions not to be involved in the drinking or smoking.

I'm proud to say that I've been pure for all 23 years of my life. I plan to continue this life style and it has been more beneficial now in my adult life than I ever realized possible. I am now a school teacher, and as I'm told by my fellow faculty I'm one of the "cool" teachers. Granted it may just be because I'm younger, but the students are all aware of my straight edge lifestyle, and if I can be "cool" and straight edge in their eyes, then hopefully I can serve as a positive role model and help some kids make the smarter choices in their own lives.

My advice to anyone reading this; be proud of being straight edge. It takes tremendous strength and courage to live your life free of these temptations that are all around us. People will try to turn you, get you to have just one sip or one puff, but the power you have over them when you say no is a better feeling that a drug will give you. I've seen people black out, projectile vomit, choke on their own vomit, and worse. Tons of these people say "I'm never drinking again", but they do, and no matter what feeling they think they're getting, nothing feels better than self control. And lastly, being straight edge doesn't mean you have to live in a bubble with only straight edge friends. As long as you're in control of yourself, you're fine in most situations (aside from second hand smoke etc). In reality, you being around other people can make them want to be straight edge too. When you spend the weekends driving your drunk friends, or taking care of them on the couch while they puke, people start to notice and they give you the respect you deserve. Stay strong and stay in control and you will be fine.
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