All That Stuff Is Just Not My Cup Of Tea.

                      Now im not going to type here and say i havent ever had a drink of alchol but i will say thats the only thing ive ever done and im proud of that fact. I don't think its a bad thing to try something like alchol if thats what you want to do but i hope people dont take it out of hand like most do. I tide it myself wasnt my thing so i havent touched it sence. but if people do it responsivble i have no problems with that. What i do mind is all the drugs people take. Now some people say thats just there personal choice but so is killing yourself which is what those people do but just slower. I hope they will learn fast that those drugs are not something they should be doing and i hope this message mabe helps someone who is considering it decides its not worth it but ill just have to see. All i can hope for is one person be touched to at minimum stop drugs. Well thats all i have to say here i guess. so i hope everyone has a wonderful day =).

aperson1234 aperson1234
22-25, F
Feb 20, 2010