My Fantasy Has Come True

Now that my story is told, I have come to realize that I have come to terms with who I am. I am a straight guy who likes to cross dress for fun and pleasure. Especially after this past weekend I am more in touch with who I am. I am a guy to likes to wear women's clothes.
I dress up every night to feel pantyhose and flowing dresses. I like to walk in heels and enjoy the look. I have 4 pairs. I have two dresses, panty hose, and an assortment of panties. I love dressing up with my girlfriend, sharing and swaping clothes because we can wear the same size.
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5 Responses Aug 3, 2010

How wonderful for you.

You are truly lucky to have an accepting partner. I'm so jealous!

Hi think that its great that uve come to term with your new self. life is tooo short to be boring, and I commend your girlfriend that she supports you like that because some women would freak out.<br />
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at the end of the day its only clothing so no need for women to get freaked, I recently decided to become a drag artist, which is an outlet for my cross dressing as well as a way of earning money in a fun manner. And my wife also supports me. think if more people werent scared of what other people think there would be alot more people like me & you. anyone that matters to me knows about my new career(trying to have) and people are not as narrow minded as would think.

What does a drag artist do? Is it doing makeup for drag queens?

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With all due respect, what you are refering to is a whole lot more than a "hobby". <br />
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Trust me on this.<br />
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If the age posted on your profile is close to accurate, then you are probably another "late bloomer" amongst a legion of folks with similar interests. <br />
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Of course, it's also highly likely that you've had an affinity for feminine attire for MANY years, but like most CD's I know, have been in denial to one degree or another. Please know that's NOT a criticism, simply an observation based on experience.<br />
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It's wonderful that you seem to have an accepting SO (significant other), even if she is six-hours away, and if you two actually wear the same size, that's just another atypical perk. <br />
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Try Googling for a TG "support group" in your area. I know there's GOTTA be something at least as close as you'd travel to see your SO, and if you two can meet in the middle, all the better.<br />
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Good luck.

its nice that your gf doesnt mind about what you are into :)