Heels - Normal Thing

I must learn English, so I decided write longer text.

First of all I don't like title 'I Am Straight Guy Love To Wear High Heels'. Could be just 'I Am Guy Love To Wear High Heels'. High heels are not gay attribute, so we don't have to stress our sexual orientation. Someone who think that man in heels is automatically gay don't know what means word 'gay'. Maybe that person has some problems with thinging or understanding definitions from dictionary. Anyway, wearing high heels is normal and it's not connected with sexual orientation. Most people who wear this shoes are heterosexual. I mean women :).
Second, as I said, wearing high heels is normal (only in Afica they still haven't gender equality), so this is not reason for shame and we not have to hide it. Man in high heels is ok. Problems has someone who wrong treats this man. I mean psychological problems, because this person thinks that we have still 19 century.

And of course heels don't have to be crossdressing element or fetish. Often on forums with title 'men in heels' I see almost only transvestites or other crossdressers. 'Normal' guys in heels are rarity. I also see strange and funny fasion creations. Maybe for some designers heels or skirts for men are exotic subject (probably they are also from 19 century). For me it's just part of my style. Everyone wear what he likes. I like heels, so I just wear them. When I need a new pair, I just go to the shop or buy it in the internet. When shoe has been damaged, I just get it to shoemaker. I not explain anything, because I assume that people should understand (if we have gender equality).

I often wear high heels. I put them on even if I go to the shop for bread :). Sometimes I wear them with my friends (females). Sometimes I have to run in them to the bus.
I don't see nothing strange in buying 'women's shoes'. This shoes are great. Only name 'women's shoes' is bad. But I will not shop wearing high heels because of stupid name.
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Absolutely true, and my sentiments entirely. I don't want to crossdress and don't see why I shouldn't do what women do all the time, which is wear items originally intended for the other gender. No one turns a hair at a woman in trainers (sneakers) so why should a man in heels be thought unusual?

I LOVE your attitude!!

I love fem guys in heels

I just bought a pair of tan high heel pumps and can't wait to wear them with my tan skirt.

Heels is okay, but if you wear a skirt and pantyhose too then you're trying too hard lol

What I'm trying too hard? This is normal clothes. I saw women in pants and military boots.

Good for you. I've been wearing heels for quite a long time now but only recently have I worn them out. My girlfriend is entierly supportive and in fact, we wear the same size shoe so shoe shopping for us can be a lot of fun.

You have nice girlfriend. I envy you :).

You lucky devil!