I went to work earlier and took over from a lady colleague. She was going to a wedding so I asked if she had a new outfit to wear. She had. It's a blues dress. I asked if she would a nice pair of heels to go with it. She replied no, she doesn't wear heels much nowadays. She said her daughter loves heels though adding she didn't know how they could walk in them. I said it just takes practice. She then said it sounded as if I knew what I was talking about, so I told her that I like wearing heels. She was totally ok with the fact I wear heels. I showed her some pictures of my shoes and she liked them. Especially my Christian Louboutin's.
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I have tried on a pair of heels a collegue was wearing. She said I should know just what sacrifices the gals make to comply with the company dress code. She got a kick out of me trying on her heels and was surprised I could walk gracefully in them. She was also surprised that I was wearing sheer nylons and could slip easily into the heels. I admitted to her that I wear heels often at home and out to clubs. She was fascinated and seemed to like the idea.

I have way too many shoes as it stands. So many in fact that I've lost count. My isn't exactly okay with my taste in footwear, but she is accepting of it. We made a deal not to start telling each other how to dress and it works for us. She doesn't really like to wear heels but I do. The truth I can walk better in them than she can. I've amassed a rather large collection of women's shoes. I just like them better than the same old tired offeringsome in the men's shoe department. I've had to sale many pairs off, not because I didn't like but because I just don't have the room. To quote a French term, "c'est la vie".

I love my heels with a nice pair of m and s tights or tesco stockings lol

Please add me?

Most people I have told about my dressing up has been supportive

People are much more accepting then we think.

Nice! It's great to make a shoe friend.