First Bi Exp

I had this exp when i was about 13yo and a close friend about 18yo introduced me to bi sex.
We played "normally", but a day he gone to do a shower then told me to enter, i did and he was fully naked and wet in front of me with him di** already hard. I was little surprised and curious watching him di** big, he then asked me if i liked it... I felt little strange but didn't disliked, then he asked me for touch and mast***, i did it and i felt hot watching him enjoying him and excited by my job.
Then he was very hor*y and asked me if wanted to li*k and su*k it, i said yes again and did it...
he enjoyed me and scream, many other times it's happened then (always me handj*b or bl*w him) also with our parents at home (but never catched) for some years.
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31-35, M
1 Response Aug 12, 2010

cute storie...didn't happen to me....