Im So Confused

i never been open about my sexuality to anyone not until i found out about EP.

ive been fighting and arguing with my self on what i really like, girls or boys. my mind says, girls, but my whole body reacts and says i like boys more than girls..

until now, no one from my friend knows about it, nor in my family. im scared that i might be cast off. but things are getting harder as it seems now. im starting to be aloof with my friends and conscious of my actions. im very disappointed in myself at times for being such a jerk but no one can blame me i guess, im still scared.

i found out about this feeling of being bisexual when im starting to fall in love with my best friend, one of the hottest guys in high school, at first i thought it was normal to care for a friend, but as time goes by, seeing him makes my day and seeing him with a girl makes my day crashed.

im still not ready for this, i dont know who else to talk to. i need you
veryhornypaul veryhornypaul
1 Response Jan 9, 2013

Paul you are really beating yourself up. Take life one day at a time. I a MWM that has allot to ponder with my Bisexuality and Im still loving the feelings going through my body. I want to have that 1true man in my life that we will enjoy each other. Be cool be slow and enjoy life. You cant have yesterday back so make it all good.

i appreciate it.. and ill take your advice.. its really good to hear that from you..

Cool like I said this is an exciting feeling for me and no one in my life knows about it. Scary yes but not to the pointe that it is going to be a negative experience. Keep it positive

yeah i know keeping it positive will help me not to worry about it.. guess its about time for me to enjoy whats happening