Very Straight

I am straight. Definitely. I have a lot of male friends and I guess I'm kind of a tomboy but... I'm not gay. I can't imagine falling for a girl. I guess it wouldn't be right. At least not for me. The point is, girls are just like me, in a few ways. I understand girls, cause I happen to be one. And really, is that what relationships are meant for?

I like guys. I love them. I happen to like the stupid way they think. I like the way they look. I like the way they talk. I like the way they can be obsessed like babies with something such as soccer. I just like them.

There's a huge difference between the way a guy thinks and the way a girl does. It's just different. Men are less complicated I guess, and if they're complicated they're complicated in a another way. They're just different, and being a girl I can't really describe how they're different. They just are.

So being with a man is very frustrating. I have only had one boyfriend in my life and he happened to be the complicated-in-another-way kind of guy, so it frustrated the hell out of me. It felt like we were walking passed each other and missing out on each other the whole time. It was like being with an alien. Seriously. But it has been a challenge.

In my mind, a relationship with a girl would mean being with someone who understands you and who's easy for you to understand. There is no boy-and-girl difference. It just... isn't there. She won't mind if you wanna talk, and have a serious relationship(my ex hated that). She will understand what you're talking about and won't mind going shopping with you(well, that one wouldnt work for me 'cause I happen to hate shopping for clothes, but that's the tomboy side of me).

I mean... that's just too easy! How can a relationship like that be fun? Or is it not like that and am I just mistaken?
I have absolutely nothing against gay people. I have bisexuals for friends and I would just love having a male "gay best friend". It seems just awesome to me. But... I like being straight. It's part of me. I could never be gay or even bisexual without betraying myself. Still I would like to know how gay people see this. So... if there's any gay person who happens to read this, male or female, I would love to know. I find it interesting.

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ME too its called butch STRAIGHT