I label myself as straight. But I accept all people no matter what they are. I have straight friends, gay friends, and bi-sexual friends. I have friends that are married and some that are single and dating. I also have one or two pansexual friends. I love the thought of being a pansexual.

I typically like adult males usually in the older range but occassionally I'll come across someone whose the same age as me and actually find them attractive.

I have curiously wondered what it would be like to share a married man with his wife but I don't believe that makes me a lesbian, those strange wonderings.

I only liked a girl once and that was because she had the height and hair style of one Severus Snape but it was short lived after I found out she was female.

I really do like the aspect of having sex with a female but I doubt I could bring myself to do it. Think--no need for condoms in the sense that I'll get pregnant, an STI/D yes but they might be easier to go and get it checked over before we engage in sexual activities. The benefit of knowing that they have played with themselves and know exactly the right places to touch; as they have the same parts. Hmm, intoxicating. This paragraph is in here because I've been experiencing bad fingering from a male. :-P I can give a decent blow job but you can't finger me for ****.

This is my creative outlet for my hidden life...and currently I'm attempting to write a story for each group I'm apart of so that the non-visible life of Neja88 is known to the world and you don't even know who I am on the other side of the curtain.

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Not all men are bad at fingering. Some of us know to go slowly at first, and then what to stimulate once you're really ready to go. What was he doing wrong? Has it gotten better?