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I Like Guys!

and that's the way it's gonna stay! :D
deleted deleted 26-30 6 Responses Nov 18, 2007

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Ive never had the experience of going all the way w/ a woman, just heavy petting w/ a bi black GF in college, who introduced me to the bi/gay scene...yes I still long for the softness of a woman..but still like looking at the male form...

what about cross-dressers?, then you would have the best of both worlds

Take it from a real lesbian, its the best thing, once you have had another girl theres no going back. (ofcourse its just my opinion, i mean what do i know ive never been with a boy or had a penis in me.)

Do what is best for you.

I was thinking of turning to women too...but I figured I should at least *try* being with a guy first, before I give up hope completely :)

Well good for you. I prefer girls personally, but whatever works for you ;)