So What Now?

I've been single for several months now, i still talked to my ex like everyday. We were very flirty, texting and when we were with each other, we would sometimes kiss, and i would bite him. Weve been doing that for quite awhile and idk i was just having some fun. Sometimes he would try to go below the waist... I would pull back because i dont want to do that unless we were officially together, but i guess he didnt want to be that... So we calmed down with the kissing for a while, i can honestly say that i love him so much. He says he loves me to, but idk if its true... Today i asked him "what would you say if i asked you out?" and he said "i cant, were to close to the end" my heart dropped i felt so sad wanting to cry. He gave me a hug and kissed me on the lips. I'm guessing he did that out of guilt. He textes me he loves me and checks up on me to see if im ok. I reply of course i am :)... But i'm actually not. So what now? i tried moving on from him, but i cant its to difficult, not bieng able to be with the one you love most. It hurts so much. So for now most likely im gunna have to move on, its not healthy waiting for a realationship thats not gunna happen... Now the question is, how do i get over the man i love so much?
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1 Response May 15, 2012

I know exactly how u feel. I am trying to answer that question right now :/