I just received an email from a research group saying they have already found suitable candidate. This has already happened 5 or 6 times and I'm feeling very competitive because friends of mine are already getting their supervisors and I'm not. I also am meeting for a medical center receptionist role, but I'm not sure if it will be a good move on my part. Perhaps it's because it will be intruding on my final training day before the competition. I have also just eaten a huge breakfast which contributed to 90% of my daily calorie limit. There is so much stuff going on in my life right now and I don't think I can deal. There's also that thing with all these male attention and I don't know how to deal. I'm really annoyed because this one friend in particular keeps snuffing me out because she's competitve as well and keeps comparing herself in conversations to me and telling me about the stuff she's gotten that I don't have and although I know I shouldn't let it affect me it still does because she's a bit of a ****** person to be honest, and it's a bit sad to see her try so hard to have popular friends but end up alone anyways. Also have the information gathering assessment in a week and after receiving bad feedback from the actors I'm really overly cautious about every little thing I say, and I think she was unnecessarily harsh on me, like I don't think I came off as completely autistic and socially inept wtf is her problem lol
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22-25, F
Aug 22, 2014