I'm literally stressed out all the time and I can never completely relax and destress. School starts tomorrow and I'm going in to 11th grade and I've been doing really well in school but I'm worried I won't be able to keep it up this year, seeing as I've been having worse and worse anxiety and i and a few panic attacks last year because I have so many things to do during the week (Advanced placement classes, homework, track practise everyday, youth group twice a week, ukrainian school graduation, church, etc.). I'm dropping a few of my AP classes this year to spare myself a bit, but I'm still stressed over the fact that I'm going to go to the first day of school to classes i won't be attending for the rest of the semester. It freaks me out. The entire summer Ive just been getting more and more anxious as school got nearer and I tried talking to my dad about it and I couldn't because I started crying too hard. I think I may have some sort of disorder, but I'm worried about saying so to my parents. If theres some sort of treatment or help to make me feel less terrible all the time, I want it, but I'm worried my parents will think I'm making it up and just want medication or something, or that they just won't take me seriously enough to take me to see someone. i just really need some comforting words please.
nataliekatherine nataliekatherine
Sep 1, 2014