I Need To Breath!

I raise my brothers and sisters 24/7 7 days a week.
i cook and i try to clean. i am a babysitter who doesnt get paid and doesnt insist she get paid because i understand my mother isnt very reliable with money. I do it all by myself because my mother works my brother has a mild case of down syndrome and the other one is just a ******* screw up. he goes out getting high or drunk and comes home when ever he pleases and hes only 14 and my mother doesnt know anything.
i dont tell cause hes a bully he holds bebe guns to our heads he constantly acts like hes stabbing me and he holds me down untill i cry and hes even beat me. and im his older sister. I hate when hes home becuase im actually scared of him and so are my little sisters. and in the end im always getting yeld at from my mother and he always backs her up on how lazy, selfish and how im going to be beat by my future husband when i ever marry.
i never hear the end of it. im not selfish. i quit school just to help out around the house so my mother can work. i raise her babies when she comes home from work and is "too tired" too help.
i dnt get out anymore because all my friends have forgot about me and my mother doesnt let me unless i take my sister.
she doesnt understand that I NEED TO BREATHE!
DorindaUchiha DorindaUchiha
18-21, F
Dec 5, 2011