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So I was in my stress management class this morning. My professor said something that intrigues me, and I thought I would share it with you guys. He teaches that like kind will always, always lead to like kind.

In "simpler terms", my textbook says that no matter what your foundation as a person is (whether your always happy/mad/whatever you may be) all you really know in the core of your being is simply that. Whatever you are now is what you're going to be unless you develop new concepts in your mind. And you surely will learn new concepts. Because your mind can always be changed, if you allow it to be changed. You can always change your mind. In terms of Stress Management, I should tell you how this fits together.

Okay, so like kind creates like kind. Here is an example: You can grow up in a broken home and be affected by that. What I mean is that all you know is that your parents split up and life may or may not have been tough on you to the point where you are always bummed and down on yourself now. However, a truly remarkable experience is when someone grows out of this type of situation and decides in their heart and soul that they can change this into a positive thing for their life. They can change things around by having their own family and believing in themselves that they won't make the same mistakes as their parents. They don't have to be down on themselves or always not feeling good about who they are, because they can change a negative concept about the family they come from into a positive concept for them and their future family. Nothing that we can think about ourselves ever has to be permanent, because we have the power to change what we believe. And that's really what it's all about, right? What we believe about ourselves.

So the next time you make a mistake, you might say to yourself "I suck" or "I'm so stupid". But do you realize that every time we actually voice our negativity we are actually solidifying doubts within ourselves? Do you see how this makes us weaker and not at all the person we'd really like to be?

It is real easy to look at someone we view as being better off than us and say "Man, I wish I were that guy/girl. Theirs is the life!" Well, why do we think that way? Are we not where we want to be because of our foundations as a person? Are we not where we would like to be only because we believe ourselves to be doubtful? Are we not the best we can be because of our own decisions; shyness, insecurities, doubts?

The power is in us to change all that. Like kind (what we believe about ourselves) always creates like kind. Think positive and you will get positive results. Say you mess up once or a few times though. So what? If you are thinking positively about yourself, you can view every mistake made as a learning experience. You do not have to be down on yourself, because you are only learning about yourself. Being down on yourself can only lead to negativity, because it is negative. Negative will lead to negative. Positive always leads to positive.

Always be positive. :-)
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Thank you for sharing!

Sure thing! :D Thanks for reading!

Thank you.

Thank you for reading! :-)


I completely agree with this post! In fact I love it!!
It is so true, and I can relate to this post!
It is something that should be directed for people suffering depression, because it is all about the mind! But of course, it is for every individual as well.
It is our life, we should take control of it and make it suitable for us, let ourselves make choices that are the best for us!
Amazing story :)

I'm so glad my story is liked! You're absolutely correct. Depression is a deep form of stress. And it's great to know that we have the right to change the way we feel about ourselves. I plan to write more stories about this sort of thing to help everyone! :D

Yes, yes I totally agree!!
Everyone should know that our lives are made by our choices so we have a lot of control over it yet no one acknowledges that. And when they're down, they blame everyone else for it and they just let other people make choices for them! It's so wrong!
You really should! It's great, and let me know next time you do so I can check it out :)

Hey :D Will do!

Goodie! :D

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